Hi all,

So, I was pinning a number of amazing wedding stationery designs on Pinterest, during work hours (as you do).

After cementing up, and deciding to follow up on a couple of local designers, I realized:

Frig. I think I need to start looking at alternative (“less-expensive”) options.

I have always liked a bit of ye’ old DIY, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to exercise my interests and twiddle fingers. Nothing too precocious. Or psychedelic. Just something slightly original that would fit into our rustic themed wedding which is being held in Canada next year.

final pic


  • pencil
  • glue-stick
  • computer & printer (to print Google maps pic and save the dates)
  • Card (180-200gsm)
  • scissors
  • envelopes
  • Small hole puncher (3mm)
  • Plaid or colored sticky tape to match your color theme
  • twine or colored cord to match your color theme
  • Sticky magnets
  • Customized rubber stamp – scored off eBay for less than $10USD including shipping! (optional)



  1. Google the venue of your reception ensuring “satellite” mode is turned on.
  2. Click on the venue name so info comes up in little box, then zoom out enough so main points of interest are no more than 5cm away on the map
  3. take a square shaped screen shot using “Command”+”4” on Mac, and drag a box over the entire map, ensuring your venue is closer to the top of the box (you want to be able to see it on the envelope inner!)
  4. Print the clipped image ensuring “Fit to Page” is selected on the printer, A4 size.
  5. Grab one of your envelopes and lift open the flap. Place flat on the back of the Map image then trace around the flap and two sides, making sure the map is covering the entire area traced.
  6. Cut out your template, and cut an extra 1cm off each of the straight sides. This will be so the map fits inside the envelope
  7. Liberally apply glue to the back of the map. 1
  8. Then line up the triangle of the flap with the envelope, but move around 1cm down, allowing enough room for the glue on the envelope to show.
  9. Flatten the map onto the flap of the envelope, then open the inside of the envelope and push map flat inside. Bend over the flap so the envelope becomes functional once more.
  10. VOILA! Map lined envelopes with the venue deets inside!



  1. Print our your save the date details 6x up onto A4 card. Mine were approximately business card sized: 90x45mm. You can use any flashy design program, or something as simple as word. I also added in a scanned sketch I drew of my kitty cat.
  2. Cut your desired shape and sized save the dates out, then grab around 3cm of your plaid or coloured sticky tape and place half on the edge of the top, then fold over, ensuring the back is covered with tape in the same location. This will be your hole reinforcement.
  3. Hole punch around 1cm from the edge of the card, in the middle of the tape.
  4. Thread colored twine or cord through the hole, knotting both ends
  5.  Place sticky magnet on the back!



You can also add your own stamp of approval (literally) by ordering a customized stamp off eBay. I wanted to include our kitty cat in our wedding stationery so used our names, then his “seal of approval” , which really adds that little bit extra to the rustic feel of the wedding.

I used “Dove Grey” Ink, as I wanted the stamp to show, but only be subtle on all the stationery. I also didn’t mind if it bled a little, or there was not enough ink on some of the stamps- it just added that extra unique charm to each piece.


Your guests will love these little reminders of your special day – and along with the Google map, will certainly be able to visualize themselves there!


Let me know how you go with your own projects 🙂