The first thing I am going to mention is that I can’t take credit for the  design and pattern for this mega craft project.

I say mega on all spectrums of this project – as the squid itself is huge and so is the task of sewing everything together if you don’t own a sewing machine. (I am one of these unfortunate people!)

So this is where you can find the initial blog : http://build-a-diy.tumblr.com/post/60084351985/8-foot-giant-squid-pillow-youll-need-2-yards

All the fiddly information regarding measurements, quantities or what not are here. And if you aren’t sure of the conversion from imperial to metric system: simple! Google is your friend… Ok… for a basic guideline, 2 yards is about the equivalent of two metres less a tiny bit (1.82 metres to be exact)- so hopefully that gives you some idea.

Again – this  is taken from the previously mentioned blog – however I am doubling up to minus your requirement to click, so here it goes….



  • 2 yards (1.82metres) of felt
  • 1 yard (approx 90cm) of patterned fabric. I suggest a polka dot-type pattern so it looks like suction cups
  • 1 medium piece of black felt, 1 medium piece of white felt  for the eyes
  • White thread, black thread and thread of the same color as the felt you’re using
  • Pins
  • About 2kg of stuffing (at minimum!)
  • A couple big sheets of paper to draw your pattern (I just free-styled, but if you want to be more accurate, this is a good option)


  1. Draw out your patterns. Here’s a basic template to get you started, although most of the measurements are reasonably fudgeable. If in the likely event you don’t have any four-foot-long pieces of paper lying around, just tape a few pieces together.  (Pattern curtesy of the previous link provided).                                                                                               squid1
  2.  Pin the pattern to the fabric, laid flat, and cut out the following, leaving a half an inch or so of extra fabric around the edge of the pattern:
  3. Piece #1 – 8 x felt & 8x fabric cutouts for the Arms
  4. Piece #2 – 2x felt & 2 fabric cutouts for longer tentacles
  5. Piece #3 – 2 x felt cutouts for the body
  6. Piece #4 – 4 x felt cutouts for the fins
  7. Piece #6 – 1 x felt cutouts for the head
  8. Piece #7 – 2 x white felt cutouts for the white part of the eye & ;
  9. Piece #8 – 2 x black felt cutouts for the pupil
  10. So now you’ve got all your pieces ready, it’s time to start sewing them together. I did mine by hand because I don’t have a sewing machine – but if you do have one, I recommend you use it as you’re going to be sewing you might get sick of sewing by hand by about the second tentacle! Sew everything with the good side of the fabric facing inwards, then turn it inside out to stuff it.

  11. THE ARMS – Pin together one patterned and one regular piece of fabric #1 (with the good sides facing the inside). Sew down around the U-shape and back up, leaving the top open. Then turn the arm inside out, stuff it and sew the top closed. Do the same for the other seven arms as well as the two long arms, they’re just harder to stuff. This was the most time-consuming part for me and took a good 3 months to be bothered to sew. I recommend watching smoe good cable while you almost go blind undertaking this task.


  12. THE FINS: Pin together two of your piece #4s and sew together the curvy outer edge. Turn the piece inside out, so the seam you just sewed is on the inside, and start sewing up the other side, stuffing gradually as you go along. You should end up with a triangle-ish puffy thing. Repeat for the other two piece #4s.

  13. THE BODY: Put down one piece # 3, then place the two fins you have down with the point up and the curvy side pointing in, then make a sandwich by putting the other piece #3 down on top. Pin it all together and sew around the edges with the two fins still inside, as shown. Turn it inside out and move on to…
  14. THE HEAD: So take piece #6 and the ten arms you’ve already done. Lay the arms, fabric side facing you, out with the arms’ top seams in a line half an inch from the top of piece 6. The order should be arm arm arm arm BIG ARM arm arm arm arm BIG ARM. The legs should be almost entirely covering piece #6. Pin them in place and sew a straight line through the individual legs seams to attach the legs to piece #6.

    When you pick up the other side of piece #6, you now have something resembling a really weird untied hula skirt. Sew together the two 9-inch ends of piece#6 with the fabric side of the arms on the outside, and keep it inside out for the moment.

  15. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Fit the open end of the body through the arms (still fabric side facing out) and pull the edge all the way through the felt cylinder so it’s even with the edge that DOESN’T have arms attached to it. Sew around the diameters of the head cylinder and the body cylinder to attach them, then pull the legs down over the head and you’re almost done!

  16. Stuff the body, then seal it off by sewing piece 5 over the open end (even if you do have a functional sewing machine, you’ll probably have to do this part by hand).                       inside

  17. THE EYES: Sew the black circles on the white circles onto the head. You do this last because you can’t tell where they’re going to end up on the end product if you put them on before stuffing the bodyA_headcloseup

At the end of the day – you have an amazing giant squid-shaped pillow- and your pet will love it! I will be sure to update the blog with pet and squid arm-in-arm as proof – but for now:

Have fun with it!



* Thanks to the author of the link: http://build-a-diy.tumblr.com/post/60084351985/8-foot-giant-squid-pillow-youll-need-2-yardsprovided for wording and method shown above!