Rustic Burlap and lace bunting cose up

After buying a heap of burlap  material for wedding table runners and wedding bottles, I had a load of it left over that I wanted to use for additional wedding decorations. It was either that or make some kind of hipster dress to wear amongst the happening folk at Bondi beach. I don’t think I would ever be able to pull that look off, so figured instead, decorations were the way to go.

There was a nice chunky stitched edge that was pretty much the only ‘un-fraying’ part of the whole piece of material, so I figured I way as well utilize it for some kind of garland or bunting.

Most of the bunting you will see consists of a piece of ribbon or string with singular triagles cut out and attached separately on the string- however this one if different. This one is super easy.

I am not the laziest person, but I like to cut corners at the best of times. Let’s face it ,who wouldn’t? Don’t lie!!

So basically the entire length of bunting is formed from the one piece, with the sewn edge making up the string or ribbon that holds all the dangly squares into place. I made the bunting triangles squares instead, just so it was easier to paint on the chunky white letters. Plus it would leave a cute bottom edge to attach some sticky ribbon, twine and some leftover yellow buttons which I wantede to get rid of.

The lace is there more for decoration than holding the bunting together, but it ads that country feel to the whole piece.

At the end of it all this will be a nice little addition to the bridal table at the reception 😉


  • Approximately 1.5 metres of hessian or burlap material. Preferably with a sewn edge that you can use for the top of the bunting
  • Scissors
  • Approximately 1.7 metres of lace ribbon
  • Old spare buttons. They can be any colour, but variants of your colour theme will also look nice
  • Coloured twine
  • Sticky plaid ribbon to match your colour theme
  • Paper card to make stencil letters
  • Acrylic white paint and a paintbrush
  • Needle and thread



    1. Finding the seamed edge of the burlap,  cut a parallel line approximately 170 millimetres away from the edge;  1.5m in total length
    2. Cut your burlap squares 120-130 millimetres apart.  Do not cut the burlap completely through, so the burlap is attached at the top.  You should have 12 squares
    3. Grab your plaid sticky ribbon and border the freshly cut edge of each square. This should act as not only a nice decoration, but also prevent some fraying of the freshly cut edge.trimbunting1
    4. Time to add the lace to the top of the bunting. YAY! You will need to used some white thread and a needle to saddle stitch it to the joined section of the burlap.button_close
    5. Decorate the lace by sewing on some loose coloured buttons.buntingnopaint1
    6. This part it similar to the blog: “Personalized Bridal Party Gift Bags”, in which you create a stencil using the paper card, and cutting out the chunky letters required.  Bascially placing the cut-out template over the middle of each of the squares, use the acrylic paint to paint over the template. (You might end up needing to paint over your fingers slightly as you attempt to hold the template in place!)paint bunting1 buntingfinal2
    7. The end result should be a nice bold white letter. Don’t stress too much if some extra paint slips underneath the template. This simply adds to the ‘rustic’ effect. buntingfinal1
    8. The last step is to decorate the middle of the plaid sticky ribbonwith another button threaded with a twine bow. This can then be saddle-stitched onto the plaid sticky ribbon, and will add additional support to prevent the burlap from fraying.IMG_6279
    9. Hang your bunting with pride up at your wedding reception, on the front of the bridal table, or like me, over the mantle-piece one year before your wedding even happens, just to give you some time to let it all soak in. 😉


This bunting can be changed to have any messaging dispalyed- and again, is not limited to weddings! Would also be great for birthday parties, going away parties, baby showers, and many more events.

Have fun with it!