If you are anything like me, you think more about how a gift will be wrapped or presented than what the actual gift will be, then you will LOVE these shabby chic little baggies!

These can be used for anything from jewelry to gift cards for birthdays, parties or like me, bridal party gifts.

The idea was initially conceived after realizing I still had a lot of the yellow plaid sticky tape left over from the wedding invitations, so figured I may as well combine those elements with some other rustic-styled materials in a personalized, unique way.





Decorations for the bag

  • At least 1 metre squared of burlap, or pre-puchased little burap bags.  I scored mine from Etsy: 25 for approximately $15 USD (For what it’s worth, the Australian dollar is currently on par with the US dollar)
  • Left over plaid tape from the wedding invitations
  • 1 metre of lace ribbon. Mine is approximately 4.5 centimetres wide, but for the burlap bags, I cut the lace vertically in half.
  • coloured twine
  • coloured buttons, to match your colour theme
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

Bag Lettering

  • White fabric (or cheaper, acrylic!) paint
  • Medium sized paint brush
  • Card to make the letter stencils (Approximately 180-200gsm) and pencil to trace letters
  • (Optional) Needle and white thread, to outline the painted letter


  1.  I opted to paint the letters on the bags first, as I wasn’t sure how much space I would have left to decorate the burlap bags. To create the letters, I first drew a stencil on the card of each of the girls’ initials. If you find it too hard to draw free hand, you can simply print the letters from a computer, and then trace the letter onto the card. Otherwise, go for gold!stenciltrace
  2. Cut the letters out, and place onto the centre of the burlap bagbagstencil2
  3. Apply the white fabric or acrylic paint to the paintbrush and paint over the stencil, ensuring the stencil doesn’t move underneath. (The letter “h” was quite fiddly!)bagstencil
  4. Wait for the paint to dry, and then decorate the bag with the lace on one side of the bag, and the plaid tape on the other
  5. Thread some coloured twine through a button and then tie a bow underneath. Sew the bow face down on the centre of the burlap bag,over the plaid tape
  6. Fill your little bags with goodies and/or that special piece of jewellery for your big day.


And there you have it! Personalized Bridal Party Gift Bags, that hopefully your girls will love.

Until next time,