When I began planning my wedding I thought I had it all figured out. I wouldn’t worry about centrepiece decorations or table numbers. Keep it simple. Why not?  The more time that went on I realized that maybe it might be necessary to prevent guests from blindly wandering like lemmings to a cliff by having table numbers; and that, maybe I should place some kind of decoration on the table – only so guests didn’t think they were lost in a desert of sparse burlap.

The  proverbial bulb was lit when I realized I could re-use the incessant collection of empty booze bottles we had lying around the house. I am ashamed to admit this easily reached double figures. For the record, most of them were vodka.

So then began my crafty task to makover these celebratory reminders,  into something a little more becoming.

These little guys are not just limited to weddings- you can decorate as few or as many as you like to display in your humble abode. Below is an example of the happy made-over bottles collaborating with my happy sunflower friends.

        sunflower rustic bottle


  • Small or large bottles. Keeping in mind that you will need:
  • Pliers -( if there is metal around the neck).
  • Burlap. Approximately 70mm h x 27mm w should suffice for most bottles
  • Twine
  • Coloured buttons – to suit your theme

what you need


  1. Use pliers to pull of the metal collar around the neck of the bottlepliers
  2. Soak the bottles (preferably overnight), in soapy water. Scratch the labels off using a butter knife. This is by far the hardest part of the whole procedure
  3. Take the twine and thread a large button around 30cm down the linetwine
  4. Wrap the twine 3 time around the burlap, around the bottle, attempting to keep the burlap overlap at the front, underneath the button
  5. Tie a bow with the twinebottle_closeup

The final product should fit at least one large sized sunflower, or a spray of any other flowers you would like to use.