Do you ever remember in your early school years making those paper lanterns, or colorful paper chains to decorate the class room? Well consider these the adult version. These little guys are pretty fun to make.

You don’t need many tools at all, and they can be created from any kind of paper, whether it be double sided scrapbooking paper, book pages, or like these little guys, from sheet music.

I like the sheet music theme as it coincides well with my wonderful fiancé’s background as a musician, and also the vintage/country feel of our wedding.



•  About 6-7 pages of sheet music pages cut into 1.5″ strips (for one 1.5 metre long garland)

• Cellotape

• Glue stick

• Scissors

• Twine



  1. Each love heart has 7 pieces: 2 x 8-10″ , 3 x 6″, 2 x 4″
  2. Place the pieces of paper in this order: 8-10″ piece, 6″ piece, 4″ piece, 6″ piece, 4″ piece, 6″ piece, 8-10″ piece
  3. Line the bottom of all the piece and glue the base together. I also added some celoptape as my glue didn’t seem to be sticky enough to keep them altogether
  4. The 6″ piece in the middle acts as the ‘backbone” to place the love heart loops on both sides. Starting with the two long outside piece curl them in towards the 6″ middle piece and celotape them together, ensuring the two outside loops are even and form the shape of the outside of a love heart.
  5. Next, curl the edges of the 6″ pieces in to form smaller loops on either side of the backbone, inside the outside loops
  6. Repeat the process with the smallest 4″ pieces on the inside – ensuring all top edges are now taped firmly to the backbone of the love heart.
  7. Celetope the top of the backbone piece, and punch a hole in the top. The celoptape will reinforce the hole and ensure it doesn’t rip
  8. Thread each of the love hearts onto twine. I used a relatively small (2-3mm) hole punch, so the love hearts didn’t move much on their own once threaded. If you are worried they will move too much on their own, tie a loose knot at the top of each love heart with the twin to ensure they stay in place
  9. Hang the garland from the mantlepiece, on the wall or the entry of your even or wedding! You can go crazy with additional lace or burlap bows and buttons, like I have, keep it simple!

So there you have it, simple paper and twine love heart garlands. Your bare walls will be brightened by adding these little guys, and of course your love will be spread all over the room. Stay tuned for more upcoming Whimsy Craft ideas:)


Until next time, have fun with it!