simple wedding program

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of wedding decorations, I realized there a few “must-dos” before having the printing/graphic design side of things done and dusted. I was still yet to tackle the wedding programs and the menus.

I  wanted to keep the artwork a similar theme as the wedding invitations, so thought – why not have  little illustration of each of the bridal party folk, and tell ‘our story’ with those little faces and some other easily recognizable icons? I also figured that the illustrations may also detract from the fact that the ‘Order of ceremony’ was only about six points long!

After researching a heap of  neat program concepts, from  printed tote bags to fans, I figured I might opt for something more simple – and if someone wanted to use the program as a fan, Japanese geisha style, then they could. So, a simple open and close concept it would be.

I found some paper card left over from the wedding invitations, and also some ‘natural’ card stock, decided to utilize these leftovers to create some  mismatched rustic designs.



  • Card stock to print your ‘story’ on. If you are using a laser printer make sure it is a weight less than 160gsm. I had many issues with the chunky au natural stock getting stuck in the printer and ‘jammin’, Bob Marley style. You can print your little story 2x up on an A4 and then simply cut the paper horizontally in half. Mine were also double – sided, which proves for an even more exciting printing experience when trying to figure which way is up.
  • Guillotine or scissors to chop the programs in half. A pencil to mark the halfway point. Stable hands also help!
  • Lace ribbon and plaid sticky backed ribbon.Cut to fit the height of the program (around 110mm), and assembled like so.IMG_6696
  • Coloured twine to match your theme.
  • Glue Stick.
  • Small hole puncher.



  1. So this part is probably the trickiest. Designing your little story to fit vertically down half an A4 page. If you are a wiz with Photoshop, this helps to assemble the illustrations and symbols that make up part of your story. Otherwise you can simply hand sketch it out and photocopy the story onto the card.
  2. Don’t get angry with the printer! After observing carefully you may see that the ink did not fully “stick” to the front of my natural coloured card stock, so I needed to trace over the design again with a fine-liner. A lot of this look is about improvising – so don’t let the little hiccups hinder your creativity!
  3. Fold the program in half so you are left with a landscape A6 sized program.
  4. Glue the re-cut lace and plaid ribbon onto the spine of the front cover
  5. Hole punch two adjacent holes, close to the side of the program. This is where the program will be threaded with twine. The inside will look a bit like this:



Extra close-up of the ‘story’ (click images to enlarge!):

IMG_6712 IMG_6711 IMG_6672 IMG_6671

The front will look a little like this:

IMG_6659rustic wedding program

and the back, a little like this!

My programs are still in the ‘production phase’ , so I may even add another few pastel card tones, and then present them in a little suitcase at the entrance of the reception, a basket or (the most likely option) simply strewn on every 2nd or third chair at the reception Mexican-fiesta style.

Stay tuned for more Whimsy Craft ideas!

We have even more delightful  favours with decorative name tag labels, Mason jars as vases, and name place cards, all  using the same materials, to give you even more of a bang for your buck.

Until next time, have fun with it!