Moving on from my first blog Rustic Save the Dates, I ventured on to the next scary, big step – ‘Tie-the-knot’ Wedding Invitations!

These are a lot more complex, and even though as single componenets, are in facts quite simple and cost-effective, do take up quite a bit of time as a whole, and can be overwhelming when looking at all the bits n’ bobs altogether (especially when considering the amount of each of these you are potentially going to create! ) Thus, I have segmented them into one piece at a time. This page includes the country-style lined envelope and the Unique “tie-the-knot” invitation.


PIECE #1 : Rustic country-style envelope



  • Brown or Natural Recycled Paper Envelopes (Any Size) Mine are 130mmx130mm square
  • A patterned/coloured background. I googled patterns to match my colour scheme and printed this  pretty lil’ design
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue-stick

So this involves a similar technique to the envelopes in Rustic Save the Dates, but to save the annoying amount of time it takes to click on other links, the method is as follows:

  1. Print your pattern/colour so it fits the approximate width of your chosen envelope. Allow for around 100mm in height.
  2. Using one of your envelopes as a template, turn the printed paper around and trace around the outside the flap and sides of the envelope with a pencil, ensuring the coloured or patterned area fills the entire template tracing.
  3. Cut out the template. Cut off an extra 1cm on each of the straight sides so paper will fit easily inside the envelope.
  4. Apply glue to the entire back side of the coloured paper, then line the triangle of the cut-out with the triangle of the flap. Move the coloured paper down about 1-2cm, to allow for the envelope glue to be used.
  5. Flatten the coloured paper down onto the flap , then open and flatten it inside the envelope. Fold the envelope flap over so the envelope can be used once more.

PIECE#2  “Tie-the-knot” Invitations









  • Printable card stock (180-200gsm)
  • Patterned scrapbooking paper to match your colour scheme
  • Coloured cord/twine to match your colour scheme
  • Computer/Printer
  • Small hole-puncher (3mm)
  • Celotape

There are different variations to these “tie-the-knot” invitations, however the main elements you will need are card stock, coloured cord/twine and the hole puncher.

  1. First up, print your wedding information 2xup on your A4 card. I made mine landscape, 240mm length in total, 90mm high per invite
  2. I laid out the text and imagery of my design as much to the centre as possible, leaving enough room for the hole punctures that will soon to be on each side
  3. Gate fold the card so the two side fold into the centre of the card. Firmly fold down both sides
  4. Hole punch 1 hole 2-5cm from the centre/edge of the card flap. Repeat the process on the opposite flap
  5. Cut a 20cm length of coloured cord and double knot the end of one side. Feed through the outside left hole. Tie a loose knot in the middle, before feeding through the inside right side
  6. Double knot the end of the right side and close the invitation firmly

The next steps of the invitation involves making the love heart seal.


  1. To make the circles, trace around a circular object onto the scrap paper. I used the small celotape roll, however you can use other things such as a large drink bottle lid, or simply even use a circle-cutter if you already have one!
  2. Hole-punch 2 holes leaving 2cm between each, slightly off-centre to the circle
  3. Cut a love-heart shape out of some scrap paper card stock, and hole punch for holes in a square formation.
  4. Thread the coloured cord through the back of the left circle hole, and through the bottom left hole of the love heart, thread diagonally through the front, upper right hand side of the love heart, then through the second hole of the circle.
  5. Repeat the process, this time threading through the left hole of the circle to the top left of the heart, then the bottom right of the heart, and the right hole of the circle.
  6. Tie the cord ends together and cut the cord as close to the knot as possible.
  7. Celotape the heart seal onto the right side of the invitation to the left of the right hole punch
  8. WOOSHTA! Enjoy your Unique “tie-the-knot” invitation!