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The inspiration for this practical craft came the day before council pick-up day. Amidst the junk that everyone was disposing of, was some great nuggets of fun for the home and the garden that I couldn’t see get thrown into the back of a dump truck.

Amongst those nuggets, was a wooden shelf that was perfect for the kitchen, yet there was no way it was going to be drilled into our concrete wall despite my fiancé’s best efforts; and a little clay moon man, which had no way of hanging.

In my mind I thought hanging both of these would be the perfect solution, but I only had a ball of twine, that was not really meant for supporting heavy decor. A hopeful idea sprung into mind, that incorporated my laziness for not leaving the house and my thriftiness to have these freely found items remain as such. Free. I was going to braid the twine into a thick 4 piece rope and use it to suspend these items from their hooks.


  • Item needing to be hung with pre- drilled holes. I wouldn’t recommend anythng heavier than 5kg
  • Everyday scissors
  • Ball of twine

twine rope necessities


  1. Cut 4 strands of twine approximately 1metre in length.4 strands of twine
  2. thread the 4 strands through a drilled hole within the item. In this case, it is a 20mm thick clay moon man.thread twin
  3. tie a double knot in the twine, tightening the knot around the item. twine knot
  4. Begin the 4 strand plait process: plait1Starting with the outside piece, thread it over, under then over the 3 pieces adjacent to it

plait2The last piece the twine threads over, then continues the same process in the opposite direction – threading over, and under the 2 adjacent pieces to its right.

plait3 Continue the process from left to right, right to left, ensuring the newly formed braid is not pull too tight.plait4

5. Braid the entire length of the twine on both sides.twine braid

6.  Tie the two braided ends into a tight double-knot.

twine knot

7. Repeat the process on the second side of the item, if it is using two hooks to hang, like my wooden shelf, or if it’s a single item like the moon man, hang your item in your desired location in your home or garden.


hanging twine rope