Sarcasm is the key for the Y generation, so whether you want to flirt, or want to laugh at someone – this card has it all, and any unwanted reactions can can be masked under the guise of bemusement or irony.

I loveyou card


• Coloured Construction paper – A5 or bigger

• Black Envelopes for a striking contrast

• Felt sticky Letters

• Scrap paper in a third contrasting colour

•  Love heart hole puncher

• Glue

I love you not


1. Measure construction paper so it is the same height as the envelope, but double the width. For example. If your envelope is 130mmx130mm, trim the A4 Paper so it fits 260 mm x 130mm high. Trim another 1-2 mm off each end to ensure it will fit inside the envelope.

2. Fold the construction paper in half, and place your felt letter message on the front, playing around with the best layout.

3. Hole punch 3-6 love hearts from the scrap construction paper. Place them onto the front of the card with the felt letters.

4. Repeat the same process with the inside of the card, cutting a jagged line through the love hearts in the centre, to create a ‘broken heart’ effect.

5. Send to someone who understands your sense of humour that you like, or to someone that annoys you. Either way – amusement, or bemusement will follow.

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