Who knew that rubber stamps could be so simple, yet effective?

With these little nuggets of joy, you wont have to worry about any printers, or fiddling around with any desktop publishing programs.

shabby-chic Invite


• Square shaped construction paper or card. White or light colours work best.

• Ink pad of any colour. Black works well.

• Arrray of funky rubber stamp designs. Note- one has a frame big enough to fit your own lettering.

• Printed tape in a matching colour to the ink, to add the reoccurring touch. Wrap it around your face if you need to.



1. Purchase your two main stamps, ensuring one has a frame-like feature and that one is decorative.

2. Grab your square card or paper stock and start stamping! You can use the image above as example of how to lay it out, or go crazy with your own design – the key is to have the frame on the front to enter some relevant initials, and the tape around the border, but really – there are no set rules to this.

3. Enter your own hand drawn initials, or number or picture of your cat, Allen – depending on who the party is for. In this instance a letter sticker on transparency has been used to complete the shabby-chic effect.

nines sig