tote-bag cushion

 “…this is dead-easy…. Basic concept: tote bags equal fun cushion covers.”

– Nina


•  Fun  linen tote bags or any other bags you would like to see added to your pillow collection

•  Old  cushion the desired size asnd shape to fit inside bag

• Zip purchased from any craft shop. Dazzle it up a bit by choosing a vibrant or flouro pigment to contrast with the tote bag colour.

• Needle and thread (Enough to sew the zip on, basically)


1.  Take a tired cushion and stuff inside the tote.


2. Fold inside excess material and tote handles, to fit the desired cushion size.

3. Cut excess material off, leaving approximately 1″inch of excess material to sew the zip.

4. Sew zip in with needle and thread.

5. Throw Pillow on bed or couch for an urban design touch…or In this case put it on display in-store.

pillow display

– Adios Muchachos

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