pinwheel close-up

I have been looking at various ideas for wedding favors, and this one is certainly effective and budget-conscious. In fact, if I may admit this- for 200 mini pinwheel wedding favors, the entire cost for everything totalled a massive $12.45 AUD! Of course, this expensive DOES blow out if you are using specialty double-sided scrapbooking paper, but it really depends on where you purchase it from, as prices can vary depending on size, quantity and thickness of the paper and of course, where you purchase it from.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to scroll through pages of Etsy to purchase these as ready-made – they are actually quite simple (and addictive!) to make.


  • Old music sheets or book paper (I used 110mmx110mm book pages), or:
  • Double-sided vintage scrapbooking paper (I purchased these in 6″x6″ 24 sheet pads)
  • Pencil
  • Regular Scissors
  • Scalloped paper scissors – for a more decorative edge
  • Popsicle sticks x100
  • Sewing pins x100
  • Seed beads x100


  • Prepare the popsicle stick: Carefully insert a sewing pin into the very end of the popsicle stick, making sure that the pin only pierces on side of the stick, and that you don’t accidentally stab yourself.preparing_popsiclestick
  • Prepare the “wheel”: measure out a square piece of paper from an old book or music sheets, ensuring there is writing or music on both sides. Measure a square that is approximately 110mmx110mm. and cut out the square shape with scissors. If you are using double-sided scrap-booking paper, use this same method.

measure paper square

  • Diagonally cut four straight lines from the corners of the square until about 5cm from the centre on each of the four sides. You can use the scalloped scissors for this, creating a lovely decorative edge to the fans.scalloped scissors
  • In a clockwise direction, take the left edge of each of the four sides, and place the corner to the middle of the square, hold the bend together with one hand.IMG_6698
  • Take your sewing pin and puncture the centre of the pinwheel, making sure each of the corners has been pierced.
  • Place the seed bead onto the end of the sewing pin, and then stick the sewing pin into the pre-exisitng hole of the popsicle stick.
  • VOILA! Your mini vintage pinwheel is complete, and actually spins!
  • x the process by 99 or 1000 and your wedding favors are done!


Vintage mini pinwheel wedding favours

Until next time!