place cards and name tags

It is quite easy to browse through pages and pages of contraptions and devices to purchase for name place card holders if you are having an event that requires individualized seating. The options are endless! Admittedly for my upcoming wedding, I was initially interested in using wine corks placed on the side, with a divot at the top to insert the name card into. Do you think I could find any at all for less than a pretty penny? Absolutely not! The fact that most wine bottles use a screw top these days also means that recycling your old wine bottles wont be an option!

Instead, I opted to create these little guys. They are so simple to make, and by recycling the paper and materials used for the Vintage mini pinwheels, there is no need for purchasing anything extra – you can simply use the leftovers from the 6″x6″ double-sided scrap book paper, or music sheets & book pages – depending on the theme  you used.


In addition, using the double-sided scrapbooking paper, means there’s enough space left to create these gorgeous little love-heart name-tags, that can also be used to tie onto your wedding favours. (in this case I used them for the aforementioned pinwheels)

Love-heart Name Tags


  • Double-sided scrapbooking paper-I used the scraps left over from the vintage mini pinwheels.
  • Scalloped paper scissors. (I purchased these on ebay for less than US$5 including shipping to Australia!)
  • Forks – which will most likely be available at the reception venue, and are of the silver kind 😉
  • Thick black fine-liner – Black works best as some of the double-sided patterns may have some dark colours, making the names harder to see.
  • Coloured twine- for the love-heart name tags
  • Small hole-puncher for love-heart name tags

Some of the materials required:



  1. You will have a little “L” shape leftover from cutting out the 110mmx110mm square for the Vintage mini pinwheels . Just to recap, this is the square of double-sided paper used for the pinwheels:IMG_6699
  2. Make sure you keep the corner piece in tact- as you will be using this to create the love-heart name tags.
  3. Cut a love-heart shape in the corner piece, using the 90 degree angles for the love-heart sides.
  4. Use the rectangular pieces leftover on the ends for the name place cards, basically cutting the perimetre as big as the leftover scraps allow you to, with your scalloped scissors.
  5. Using the dark fine-liner (I used the same one that I used to address my wedding invitations) , write the first name of your guests in large, cursive writing. You only need the name on one side of the card, unlike the love-heart name tags.
  6. To finish off the love-heart name-tags: punch a hole in the top centre of the love-heart.
  7. Thread the hole with a loop, made from the twine. Feed the end of the twine through the middle of the loop, pull firmly, and then tie a knot at the ends.
  8. To finish off the name place cards: place the oblong cards horizontally through the upper part of the fork prongs, weaving over the first prong, under the 2nd and 3rd prong, then over the last prong.
  9. VOILA! Your pretty little vintage name place cards and love-heart tags are ready and waiting!

Vintage Place Name Cards

Here are the three other DIY crafts which use the double-sided scrapbooking paper, and scalloped paper scissors: (Click to enlarge!)IMG_6686

At the end of the day, the simplicity of these and the dual-function of the fork make these Place Cards, the most simple and cost-effective wedding decoration addition! You can also opt to use other kinds of stock such as scrap material or even leaves for a natural or Autumn- themed event. The options are limitless, and you don’t need to purchase expensive place card holders.

Stay tuned for more great craft ideas coming soon!

Until next time, have fun with it 🙂